After being exposed to the value of nutrition and discovering the health benefits of juicing, Juiceheads opened in August of 2015. Offering an eclectic environment in the heart of the city, this organic juice bar is a local favorite. Featuring occasional live music and special events it is the perfect space for individuals to converse or relax in an intimate setting. By taking an authentically organic approach to juicing, Juiceheads ATL has become the premier location for organic juices. 


We specialize in 100% organic, fresh cut, made-to-order smoothies and juices. By making each of our juices in front of the customer we are able guarantee freshness and maximize the amount of nutrition per serving. We use low RPM masticating juicers to preserve the highest density of nutrients. Utilizing a reverse-osmosis system to remove fluoride and other contaminants from our water and ice, we can assure first-rate quality.